PTA President’s Letter

Bonjour and Bienvenue!  

Whether you’re a current PTA member, a school family considering joining, or just want to know more about our organization and the school we support, we’re thrilled to have you visiting our website.  That’s because we at MFIS PTA are proud of our long tradition of working alongside the Milwaukee French Immersion School staff to provide the best learning environment for our kids.  We can’t brag enough about the benefits of immersion language learning or the diverse francophone culture that’s been cultivated here over the more than 40 years that MFIS has been serving Milwaukee kids.  

PTA is proud to serve as a resource to our families.  We strive to ensure that families have all of the information that they need to be successful at our school.  We advocate for student and community needs.  And we partner with the teachers and staff to ensure that they have the resources to teach our kids, and are shown appreciation for all they do! From raising our collective voice to ensure that our neighborhood is safe for our children to recommending improvements in our building facilities or school practices, our focus is always the children at our school.  These are our kids, and our future.

From the first day of school, we’re there for our families, on the playground to offer coffee and hugs to parents who are sending their kids into the world for the first (or second, third, or fourth) time. Throughout the year, you’ll find PTA hosting events such as Math and Literacy Night, which encourage families to engage in fun and academically-supportive activities that support the school’s learning goals for the students.  Our biggest event of the year, Mardi Gras, is a carnival-style celebration that brings our community together to socialize, eat, dance, and play games as we celebrate a tradition shared with French-speakers around the world!  Even in the era of COVID, we’ve found ways to create and support a sense of community that leads to new relationships that last a lifetime.  Even as your K4 student finds their new best friend, you may find yours among the members of the MFIS PTA!

If you’re a member of the MFIS community, we hope you’ll consider joining us in implementing the PTA mission: “Every child. One voice.”
À bientôt!

Jessica Quintanilla
MFIS PTA  President, 2021-22

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